Who uses Numbershark?

At school

Numbershark is used mostly by teachers in Primary schools. It is especially popular with SENCOs working with students who have dyscalculia or other special educational needs.

For Secondary schools Numbershark makes an ideal choice for catch-up premium.

International schools also use Numbershark with their students.

At home

Parents invest in the program on the recommendation of a teaching professional or another parent, particularly for use by children with dyscalculia. It is also often bought on the back of Wordshark – many children say they like it even more than Wordshark!

Any other child in the family can easily find topics and games to help with their numeracy skills, whether they find maths challenging or not.

Numbershark is often bought by home educators as well as home tutors.

With numbershark it was incredibly simple to set up a student practising the exact objective they needed to work on. It is also very useful to be able to print worksheets with answers – I have used this facility sooooo often!
All students commented that being able to play the same games with thousands of objectives made it really easy for them to focus on the learning rather than how to play the game.
I recommended many of my students purchase wordshark and/or numbershark at home and know it helped enormously.  My usual strategy would be to suggest a list of games to play, eg. some reading, then some matching spellings, then testing the spellings blind. We always print the word searches to complete at home too. Similarly for maths, a matching game, followed by testing would help the students to learn the number facts.

The other aspects of the games I really value are being able to look back at the student records so you can allow them to work without 1:1 supervision when appropriate (this is really valued by home customers.) I really can’t recommend wordshark and numbershark highly enough.

Lana Kelsey – Parent, ex-teacher