Numbershark is ideal for this age group as it lays down the foundations of numeracy. The variety of games provide all the practice needed.

Numbershark can be used 1-2-1 or for teaching a group or class. Even when students are working on the same topic in a group/class set-up, each child can be working independently after logging into their account, at a level and speed that is right for them. The program records their progress and logs individual errors.


The graded topics cover simple counting through to long division, fractions and decimals. Number concepts are shown in a variety of ways – number squares, number lines, rods, objects, abacuses and more. You can dip into topics as needed or systematically make your way through one of the 13 courses.


Worded problems

Numbershark contains over 2,000 worded problems within a games format. They include graded maths vocabulary and cover the National Curriculum.




For teachers, Numbershark is intuitive and simple to use. It engages children and enables them to work independently.

I continue to be most impressed with the program and have recommended it to a number of friends. I also use it at work with Reception children and am encouraged by their interest and motivation to use the wide range of games. Little do they know how much they are learning!

J.Byford – teacher