What is Numbershark?

Key features

For ages 5-14

Numbershark is used by students of all abilities but is especially popular for SEND. Catch-up students can revisit simple topics without feeling patronised, and students can learn at their own pace.

‘Topics’ to choose from

The program gives you over 500 number topics, from counting and addition, to fractions and decimals. There are 2,000 worded problems, developing many skills as well as providing real-life examples.

The games

The games are motivating and visual. A variety of formats within the games help to make sense of numbers: rods and digits, words, abacuses, pie charts, 100 square and more.

For dyscalculia and catch-up

The program is ideal for children with dyscalculia, but it’s equally effective for anyone who has gaps in their numerical knowledge or understanding.

Easy to use

Numbershark is an extensive tool but it’s also user-friendly. Simply toggle between ‘choose game’ and ‘change topic’. There are help screens within the games if you need them.

Tried, tested and loved

Over the last 16 years, Numbershark has gained itself a reputation, especially relating to students that say they dislike Maths. Students appreciate the lovable homemade graphics, and benefit from seeing their own progress.

Trusted by over 10,000 schools

I work as an intervention teacher with students who struggle with number concepts. I have used Numbershark to help them achieve a better understanding of relative number size and place value. Through Numbershark, they can get the over learning they need to be able to deepen their understanding. The variety of games is excellent and maintain their motivation to basically do the same thing more often than they would be able to in a conventional Maths lesson.
Mary Grashoff — Teacher, Brackley
They love Numbershark, now V5; they can play at their level and speed. They love being able to progress especially getting faster in their responses. Number Shark is loved by all my pupils and I find it significantly improves their numeracy and confidence in using numbers.
Ann Clark — Dyslexia Consultant and Home tutor, Hemel Hempstead
We hated the maths battle because it would always end in lots of tears, every day. Numbershark has genuinely changed that. I only have to load up numbershark within his earshot, he hears the numbershark sounds, and then he comes to me and asks if he can play! So we do 20 minutes of maths every day with absolutely no tears whatsoever, and the improvement has been staggering, and rapid. I recommend it without hesitation.
David Owen — Home user, London
I have been using Wordshark and Numbershark for many years, first as a teacher, then as a SENCO and now as an advisory teacher. If I was a SENCO again, they are the first bit of kit I would buy – excellent value, great menu of courses with vast amount of materials, engaging, versatile, fun, with opportunities built in for lots of repetition and overlearning. Children love using them and don’t realise they are learning! They can be used in a highly personalised way for children with SEN, but just as well with whole classes.
Jan Levi — Advisory teacher in SEN, Wortly

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