The games

Numbershark features over 50 games designed to give meaning to numbers and number operations.

The activities have been developed to…

  • aid the teaching of concepts, provide the necessary practice, and promote both understanding and the memorising of number facts as well as the use of standard written methods
  • offer practice in different aspects of place value, ordering, grouping, commutativity, exchange and links between operations
  • give you over 2,000 graded, worded problems to help put numbers into context, including maths vocabulary
  • address Mental Maths and strategies
  • offer variable speeds, as well as other options to meet all levels of skill

Simply click on the ‘recommended’ games tab to see the suggested (most well-matched), games for your chosen topic.

Reward games

To provide extra incentive to learn with Numbershark, after each game the student is offered one of the short ‘reward’ games.