Does your child need extra help with numeracy? Numbershark is a fun and effective solution.

This games-based numeracy program gives students the skills and confidence to move forward with their maths. It is especially helpful for children with dyscalculia. It covers everything from simple sums to more tricky concepts such as fractions and decimals.

Key features

For ages 5 to 14

For younger children or those catching up with their learning, they can start with counting, ordering and simple sums. For the older children, there are, for example, percentages, fractions, or decimals.

Enjoyable games that motivate

Numbershark uses quirky games to draw in even the most reluctant learner. Reward activities also maintain motivation and enthusiasm!


Numbershark is simple to use. You choose what you want to work on, then you play the games. You can dip into the program either for homework or to get practice or understanding of a particular topic.

Dyscalculia & dyslexia

Numbershark uses lots of visuals to illustrate concepts, and offers multiple ways to understand and learn. This makes it perfect for those with special educational needs such as dyscalculia and dyslexia.

Progress and confidence

Children can develop numeracy skills at their own pace, and without classroom pressures. It’s a great way to grow their confidence ready for the next maths lesson or test.

Simple steps to success

To ensure rapid progress: Spend 10-15 minutes each day on Numbershark and use a wide variety of games (not just the favourites!)

Why Numbershark works


  • It contains 50-plus games, each focusing on a specific number skill.

  • The games and ‘demos’ are highly visual, using number squares, number lines, abacuses and more, so that every child can understand.

  • Numbershark offers lots of variety so that lots of practice never gets boring.

  • It’s easy to use so children can work independently at their own level and pace.

Trusted by over 10,000 schools

Numbershark is great – child-friendly software that is also accessible by adults. It’s layout is easy to use, to manage and track progress. It has really helped my child to catch up with and keep on top of his math skills; to fill in the gaps in his knowledge and to give him confidence with numbers. He is learning whilst he is having fun. Thank you numbershark.
Summera Zafar — Home User, London Colney
My eldest child is severely dyslexic but has enjoyed the fun element of Numbershark to improve his skills. He can work at his pace and his confidence is improving in all areas. The younger child is already a very gifted mathematician but still enjoys the puzzles.
Cheryl Baxter — Home User, Alvaston
Numbershark is easy to use. We also find that it’s easy to get our child to use it because it feels less like schoolwork, it’s fun and you get instant feedback on progress.
Chris Compton-Leese — Home User, Malvern
It presents number problems in many many different ways to suit different learning styles and it is all fun as long as you pick a suitable level.
Shikasta — Mumsnet
My child has ADHD and suspected ASD and Dyslexia. I use numbershark with him and it is great to see how motivating it is for him. He enjoys using the program and does very well. When he sees his success on the computer he is motivated to try other learning tasks because he has a better self image as a learner.
Mrs Austerlitz — Home User, Salford
I think both Numbershark and Wordshark are essential tools for helping children who are struggling. They are also great fun for those who do not have any problems. I would not be without them.
Helen Jane Cooper — Home User, Edenbridge