Getting results

How does Numbershark work best?

  • Use the program little and often, ideally 10-15 minutes per day
  • Choose the topic carefully in order to maintain interest – some children will then need to be encouraged to move on while others will need to stay with that topic a little longer
  • Each game targets a different way of learning. An easy way to make use of this is to use the ‘recommended’ games tab as this gives you games that are perfect for the topic you have chosen.

Can you set work and track progress?

It’s easy to set work for a student, a group or a class; you can then view the records to track their progress. You can:

  • Set up an individual account for each student
  • Set work or set work in ordered steps
  • View records and track progress – student records include specific errors

So… does Numbershark really work?

For the last 20 years, Numbershark has sold by word of mouth, and therefore there hasn’t been the need to make the program prove itself, using studies. If you still need reassurance, essentially, if you follow the suggested ideas above ‘How does Numbershark work best?’ and trust the teacher and parent testimonials that swear by Numbershark, then the children you have in mind will certainly find the program fun and motivating, and will gain in knowledge, understanding and confidence in using numbers! Give us a call if you still have any questions! 0208 748 5927

Numbershark students (mostly working on multiplication):

Numbershark is loved by all my pupils and I find it significantly improves their numeracy and confidence in using numbers.

Ann Clark – Dyslexia consultant and home tutor, Hemel Hempstead

The records are really useful. They can show you in detail what the children are struggling with and what they are succeeding at.

Lisa Nicholson -Teacher at Livingstone Primary and Nursery School, Barnet

We use wordshark and numbershark daily for 30 minutes as an intervention. This is led and managed by one of our TA and she keeps a record of their progress. Pupils are identified at the start of the year and reviewed at the end of each term.

Joanne O’Keefe, SENco / Assistant Head Teacher, St. Clare’s RC Primary School, High Primary School, Higher Blackley