Introduction to ‘Wordshark Online‘ FREE 30 minute demos for schools/tutors

The very latest Wordshark:

Wordshark Online is a cloud-based subscription model – students can learn independently, from anywhere!

Suitable for:

Anyone who is new to Wordshark Online, have used previous editions or just need a refresher session!


Getting started / Placement test & automatic progression / Word lists & games / How to set work – including creating own lists / Student progress

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  • Important! You may hear the voices/see the names of fellow attendees for these small group sessions
  • Check your spam/junk folder if the zoom confirmation email isn’t in your inbox
  • Ask any questions you may have during these informal ‘group’ webinars, suitable for whether you have a trial/subscription or not!

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How it works & why it works!

Placement test & Automatic progression

Courses / word lists

Using your own word lists

Setting work

Viewing progress


Looking for Numbershark demos?

Click here to access the ‘product tour’ and other information via the menu, or take a look at the ‘how to’ area in the help centre for Numbershark. Unfortunately, product training isn’t available for Numbershark.

Wordshark is a wonderful program which has been very well received by students, parents, and teachers alike.
Janine Ric-Hansen, Student Support Coordinator-Primary
International School Haarlem, The Netherlands