Year 7 and 8 catch-up premium for numeracy

Just like Wordshark, Numbershark is one of the few materials that can be used as a catch-up intervention for students in year 7 or above. You can work one-to-one with the student, or they can log in and work independently with the option of completing tasks set by you.

  • Students can revisit simple topics without feeling patronised as the games in Numbershark are not too ‘young’.
  • They can benefit from working independently, seeing their own progress and not feeling judged or compared to others.
  • The choice of settings and options provides lots of flexibility so you can adapt it to the needs of each student.

Numbershark includes:

  • 50-plus games with a wide range of graded topics, from simple number bonds to long division, fractions and decimals. Different games reinforce each topic, providing repetition and helping embed number facts, without it becoming boring.
  • Visual representations of operations use number squares, number lines, rods, abacuses, and more.
  • Over 2,000 worded problems develop students’ ability to choose appropriate operations and use maths vocabulary.
  • Progress tracking – the program records progress for each child and logs individual errors. Numbershark also allows you to set work.

To make a real impact:

  • Use the program little and often, ideally 10-15 minutes per day
  • Choose the topic carefully in order to maintain motivation – sounds obvious, but students need to work at a level that is not too difficult or too easy for them!
  • Each game targets a different way of learning. An easy option is to use the ‘recommended’ games tab as this gives you games that are perfect for the topic you have chosen.
  • Alternatively, there are tabs for particular concepts, for example, place value

I have used both programs with a range of pupils (age 4-16) since the first ones came out. I am constantly delighted with the enthusiasm with which everyone approaches their time on “the games.” Please never stop producing these programs!!

J.M.Sted – teacher