Numbershark develops numeracy skills and gives meaning to numbers. Most importantly, it makes maths accessible and fun for all students.

Over 50 highly visual games, covering 500 topics, present number concepts and operations in variety of ways so that every student can understand.

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Key features

Ages 5 up to 14

Numbershark is used mostly in primary schools and early-on in secondary schools, but the range of games, concepts and topics, and the quirky graphics make the program work for any age group.

Dyscalculia, catch-up, SEN

Numbershark’s games and topics are particularly good for students with dyscalculia or for those with gaps in their understanding. The program adapts to their needs and builds their confidence.

500 topics

As well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, topics include negative numbers, common percentages, simple fractions and decimals. Numbershark also develops maths vocabulary and has more than 2,000 worded problems.

Concepts and practice

Over 50 games give meaning to numbers and number operations, teaching concepts and providing practice. A ‘recommended’ games tab helps you choose the best games for your topic.

Seeing & understanding

A range of different visual formats helps students make sense of numerical concepts, each finding something that’s meaningful for them.

Adaptability & progress

Students can work independently, on specific areas that need consolidation – removing the pressure that comes with classwork and helping to narrow the attainment gap. The program keeps a record of their progress.

Why it works

Every game is designed with a specific purpose – to teach or to provide rote practice in a fun way.
  • Numbershark explains numbers in many ways, so that everyone can understand.
  • There are games, topics, settings and options for every need
  • Students can work independently and progress at their own pace.

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Trusted by over 10,000 schools

Excellent resource for both teachers working with dyslexic students and for children to use at home independently.
Amazon Shopper — 5 STAR rating
Our network version enables me to programme for each student… a brilliant resource!
Amina Humayun Khan — Literacy & Dyslexia Specialist, GEMS Wellington International, UAE
We have been using the various versions of Wordshark within Devon's SpLD Support Centre for many years, to give our students the essential reinforcement and continuous practice they need to master a wide range of spelling patterns and rules. Each upgrade has led to a better product, with more features. We find our students are always happy to play on Wordshark…
Ann Atherton — Advisory Teacher, The Devon SpLD (Dyslexia) Service