Adapting to each student

Numbershark was originally created to help students with special educational needs, built on the understanding that there is no one student that learns in the same way.

How is Numbershark adaptable?

  • The wide choice of games provides both variety and motivation – there is something for every student and the way that they learn
  • An extensive database of courses and topics gives you everything you need – from counting, to mental maths, to fractions and more…
  • Options meet every student’s specific needs, such as changeable speeds – taking the stress away for some students, or making it more exciting for others!
  • Settings help to make learning more effective – such as changing the background colour
  • The program is used for 1-2-1 learning, group work, at school or at home with the option to set work – independent learning and the confidence that it brings is a popular feature of Numbershark
  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia – the program is brilliant for these learners, but equally fun and effective for students that find numeracy easy
  • The graphics are not age-specific – Numbershark is used by 5 year-olds all the way up to adult learners

Printable Resources

Printing options under ‘help’ in the main menu of Wordshark include:

  • worksheets from games
  • printouts of all the courses
  • flashcards
  • even a certificate of achievement!