Primary and early secondary students can all gain something from focus on spelling practice each week.

Wordshark is a trusted resource, developed by specialist teachers and bought almost entirely on recommendation.

The program draws on over 20 years’ experience in meeting the wide-ranging learning needs of students, and has a strong focus on educational integrity, motivation and enjoyment.

Wordshark has been re-written and is going online – available to UK schools from September.

Not in the UK? You can still register your interest using the link above. Due to a phased rollout, you’ll be contacted as soon as Wordshark becomes available.

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Key features

10,000 words & sentences

Choose, for example, English National Curriculum spellings, or get ideas for lesson plans, drawing from the well-researched ‘Wordshark’ word course. Other courses include ‘Everyday Vocabulary’ – great for EAL students, or ‘Secondary subject lists’ – handy for subject-specific vocabulary.

Dyslexia, other SEND, EAL

The multi-sensory activities and the selection of words and sentences are specially structured to support students with dyslexia and other SEND. Equally, the courses and games are ideal for students learning English as an additional language. Wordshark is highly adaptable to specific needs. It develops sub-skills, provides the necessary practice, maintains motivation and develops confidence.

Ages 5-15 Key Stages 1, 2, 3

The choice of activities, concepts and words, and the quirky, not too ‘young’ look of the games make Wordshark suitable for all primary and early secondary students. For older students, Wordshark is also useful – for filling gaps in knowledge or for learning specialist vocabulary.

60+ games, variety, fun!

More than just rote practice, each game offers a specific way to develop a variety of skills in reading and spelling. You can use the games to demonstrate a spelling pattern or rule or skill – brilliant for whole-class teaching. Wordshark also includes games to support synthetic phonics skills.

Adaptability and own lists

Versatility is what teachers like most about Wordshark. It’s easily adjusted to the learning needs of each student and can be tailored to any preferred teaching method. You can set work for individuals or for group. You can create your own words lists, for example, to introduce a new topic or based on common errors seen in written work.

Preparing for tests & measuring Impact

For KS1 teachers there is a section of word lists to give practice for the Year 1 phonics check. For KS2, the statutory lists are also in easily-accessible lists. Student records allow teachers to see which areas students may be struggling with and to measure progress. Short, regular sessions and a mixture of games provide great results.

‘Wordshark Online’ – coming in September 2019

Wordshark is being rewritten and is going online. The new features help to save time, and include an accurate placement test and an automatic progression mode. The program works around the needs of each student, rewarding effort and achievement.

Set Homework

Wordshark Online will be accessible 24/7, in the classroom and at home on most computers or tablets


The new adaptive mode, ‘Supershark’, nurtures and motivates all students to get better and better

‘Shark Challenge’

Making life easier for teachers, ‘Shark Challenge’ finds the right starting point for each student


New, improved reporting helps with monitoring student progress

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Why it works

As we all know, no student is the same or learns in the same way. Wordshark adapts to each of their needs, providing a wide choice of words, games, and options. Each game has a task which is to teach or reinforce a specific reading or spelling skill – success with Wordshark is all about the combined effect of these different games. Students also enjoy the reward activities, gaining confidence through independent learning.
  • Every game builds a different skill in reading and spelling
  • Options, settings and more make the program highly adaptable
  • Students can work independently, at their own level
  • Wordshark offers rote practice, in addition to developing sub-skills

Need a summary of why to choose Wordshark? Click here for a pdf

Trusted by teachers for over 20 years

Fantastic resource – of all the resources our deaf children have used, this has been by far the most effective for teaching phonics and spelling. Age range from 5-13 year olds.
Kenny Fraser — Teacher of deaf students, South Ayrshire
Our network version enables me to programme for each student… a brilliant resource!
Amina Humayun Khan — Literacy & Dyslexia Specialist, GEMS Wellington International, UAE