For children with dyscalculia, maths is difficult and confusing. This can make them dismissive of anything to do with numbers.

Numbershark uses fun, motivating games to teach numeracy – catering for the different ways in which children learn, and providing plenty of practice along the way.

Going from not understanding something to understanding it (and even starting to enjoy it), also provides a much-needed confidence boost.

Here’s why it works

  • Variety of explanations – Numbershark illustrates concepts and methods in different ways so that every child can understand.
  • 50 Games – the range of games on offer means that any repetition is never boring.
  • Quirky graphics – the games graphics are not age-specific and therefore not patronising to older children. In addition, a computer program is great because it never judges you when you make a mistake.
  • Revisiting topics – using Numbershark at home, it’s possible to go over areas as much and as often as needed to make sure that they are understood and learnt.

Which game with objects (find 37)


Wordshark and Numbershark are brilliant for reinforcing maths, spelling reading and vocabulary skills. The games are fun and colourful too. Children can’t wait to use them. They are easy to use and I like the reward games too.

Anne Jones, Home User, Farnborough

I love your products, especially the Numbershark. My son who has Dyslexia loves them because they are so much fun, and [offer] such a wide range of choices of games!

E.Young – parent