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How it works 

Placement test & Automatic progression

Courses / word lists

Using your own word lists

Setting work

Viewing progress


How most schools use Wordshark

  • Most of all, schools use the automatic progression course, Supershark, following the progress of their students and having a copy of the Wordshark course for reference – resetting the Unit where necessary – to an earlier or later place. Pace through this course can be calculated bearing in mind each unit has on average about 6 or 7 lists.
  • Teachers also like to set work, based on the spelling patterns and rules they are currently working on. They choose from the published courses (using Search) or create lists of their own. These, for example, could be vocabulary lists, or examples of words spelt wrongly in workbooks or further practice of particular spelling patterns and rules.
Using Automatic Progression? (Supershark) Setting Work? Creating Personalised Lists? Allowing Free Play? Using at school & at home?
88% 65% 56% 62% 50%

What teachers say they value most in Wordshark

  • Setting Work
  • Assessment
  • Rewards for students
  • Facility to add own lists