How it works

Step 1

For schools, the Wordshark ‘Administrator’ (overall in charge of Wordshark but can also teach with Wordshark), creates ‘groups’ in which to organise the students/other teachers eg whole class, a spelling group etc.  Administrators can add as many other staff as they like! Tutors have 1 group.

‘ADMINISTRATOR’ Start-up guide (schools) 

‘TEACHER’ Start-up guide (schools) 

‘TUTOR’ Start-up guide 

Step 2

You can give students their login details by email or in person. In the ‘Help Centre’ there’s a help page for students/parents and a letter for parents if needed!


Step 3

Your students then begin their independent learning journey!…


The games

Games are grouped into categories; blend, segment, read, spell, patterns, sentences, alphabet. Each game teaches or reinforces a reading or spelling skill.


Viewing the words

Encourage your students to take a look at the spellings they’re working on by clicking on the yellow ‘My Play Words’ banner.

They can click on each word to hear it, and explore the phonics – and syllables too, if relevant.



Students learning at home:

Suggest that they use headphones to help block out any distractions around them.

Ask them to work out when they can fit their Wordshark sessions into the day. Then they should stick to a routine.

Creating a ‘tick’ chart can help with organising and remembering the spelling sessions.


Why Wordshark works

No student is the same or learns in the same way, so Wordshark adapts to each of their needs, providing a wide choice of words, games, and options. Students enjoy the reward activities, and gain confidence through independent learning.
  • Every game builds a different skill in reading and spelling
  • Options, settings and more make the program highly adaptable
  • Students can work independently, at their own level
  • Wordshark offers rote practice, in addition to introducing necessary skills

“Wordshark has been an an absolute winner in these challenging times!”

Nadine Bogan, Learning Support Coordinator, St Paul’s Cathedral School