Using your own word lists

Ideas for word lists:

  • Vocabulary lists; introduce a new subject, or a class project in science, history, geography, art etc.
  • Use words that are being spelt wrongly in written work by a specific student or group
  • Use a subject that really means something to your student/s e.g. fashion, football teams, music etc
  • Short sentences & phrases (up to 19 characters including punctuation & spaces) to increase awareness of capital letters & full stops
  • Combine several of your own lists to create a course!
  • …Note that using your own voice/your students’ voices and your own images can further increase student engagement.

To increase vocabulary:

When adding your list, you can choose the ‘definition’ option. You then need to record each word, followed by a quiz clue or a definition for each word. The students can learn about the meanings by making suggestions for these. They hear the word followed by the clue in ‘My Play Words’ but only the clues in the games!

I’m ready to add my own words!

Click on the red button above to find out about how to…

  • Create a new word list
  • Add and edit recordings
  • Add images
  • Add a definitions list
  • Set your own list as work
  • Edit, share, clone, or delete
  • Create a course and add your list

Here are some examples of homemade lists:


Hedgehog Awareness Week: