Viewing progress

Just want to know ‘how’? 

I want to see progress reports for SUPERSHARK!

I want to see progress reports for work I have set


Students using ‘Supershark’

Spelling reports are judged on the degree of success for a given word list when playing any of 3 specific games – these 3 games are spelling tests. At least 85% mastery is usually required.

You are given a series of drop downs so that you can tailor the reports to what you want to know.

Getting a group summary report:

The Units of work (1-44) are shown on a progress bar with mastered units shown in green, incomplete ones in yellow, not mastered in red:

For individual reports you can select:

  • The course
  • The level of report detail – Unit / Word list / games
  • The time span of the report – 7 days / 30 / days / 6 months / year

Students working through Set Work 

A variety of information is reported on set work including the actual errors made:

Students seeing their own progress

Pupils can click on ‘My Progress’ if working in Supershark (or working in other courses if they have access to this).