Viewing progress

Students using ‘Supershark’

Spelling reports are judged on the degree of success for a given word list when playing any of 3 specific games – these 3 games are spelling tests. At least 85% mastery is usually required.

You are given a series of drop downs so that you can tailor the reports to what you want to know.

Getting a group summary report:

The Units of work (1-44) are shown on a progress bar with mastered units shown in green, incomplete ones in yellow, not mastered in red:

For individual reports you can select:

  • The course
  • The level of report detail – Unit / Word list / games
  • The time span of the report – 7 days / 30 / days / 6 months / year

Students working through Set Work 

A variety of information is reported on set work including the actual errors made:

Students seeing their own progress 

Pupils see a weekly pop-up that includes:
  • An overview of their Supershark course
  • Total time spent playing all games for all modes of work
  • All the words spelt accurately during that week across all modes of work, including own lists


Pupils can also click on ‘My Progress’ if working in Supershark (or working in other courses if they have access to this).

Certificate of achievement; for several PDF certificate options, click here.


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