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3 reasons you might want a trial

  1. You want at least 1 student to use Wordshark
  2. To see how students and other teachers are organised in Wordshark into ‘groups’
  3. You want to explore the features yourself, for example, setting work and viewing progress

What happens?

The free trial means having the full program, just as you would with a subscription…

  • After filling in the form you are sent login details on your chosen start date
  • You’ll need to set up at least 1 ‘group’ in Wordshark, then you can add students (and other teachers), and save them into your group/s.
  • Do tell any colleagues that you’re adding to look out for the email from Wordshark, containing their login details!
  • Once you’ve given students their login details they can sign in from home and/or school. They can use the default placement test games and automatic progression but we highly recommend you also try setting them work at some point or at least take a look at the options setting work will give you!
  • We let you know when the trial is ending. If you stay with Wordshark, you can choose from the different plan options, and your students can continue to use the program as normal – the conversion from the trial to a paid subscription is seamless.

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I have been so impressed with this program. The students have been engaged, learning sight words and picking up spelling more quickly than with our previous programs.

Elizabeth Bishop, Senior Teacher, Yirara College, Australia

I work with two children aged 10 who show signs of dyslexia and struggle with spelling. I use the SNIP programme with these children and on a friday I use the wordshark programme on the tablet/laptop where they practise their target words in a fun way. They have shown great progress when I assessed their target words. They enjoy this programme and see it as a treat. I create my own lists for each child using the target words from SNIP and any words they have been struggling on and they use these lists for their own individual spelling games. I find it fantastic to link up with the snip programme. The children love when they earn a reward game and it encourages them to spell the words correctly.  This programme is a fantastic resource and I would highly recommend it, especially in a special ed setting where the children require additional support in literacy.

Orla Burke, Riverchapel National School, Ireland

Here at John F Kennedy International school, Switzerland we are using Wordshark to support our students with additional needs in our new Student Support Centre. Our students use Wordshark as part of their individual learning plans to support their literacy and phonics needs. We have students of differing abilities, and it enables our students to be independent in their learning. Students are able to use Wordshark both in school and at home, which gives parents the opportunity to see their child’s progress and be involved in the learning process. As an educator I really like how the programme follows the Alpha to Omega programme making it easy to create a holistic learning plan for the student.

Stephanie Walmsley, Head of Middle School, Head of Student Support Services and IMYC, John F. Kennedy International School