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Pupil Premium and Wordshark

Wordshark makes the ideal investment for Pupil Premium spending:

Since the introduction of Pupil Premium funding, emphasis on accountability has become more and more important. For teachers, in addition to their other students, including EAL/G&T/Catch Up/SEN, there is huge pressure to provide proof that Pupil Premium eligible pupils have made adequate improvements in their reading and spelling. Wordshark can help in two ways:

  • Effective: Wordshark has an excellent reputation and mainly sells by word of mouth. This is because teachers find that students make real progress with a combination of 3 things: a) if working at the right level b) using a variety of games and c) accessing the program regularly
  • Keeping track of results: teachers are able to view work done, pinpoint any errors, track progress, compare sessions and export files in XML format, to open in Excel. 

What else makes Wordshark suitable for this budget?

  • The option to set work: each pupil or group accesses the specific words, games and settings that the teacher has set up for them, making it possible to target specific areas of reading/spelling that need improvement.
  • 10,000 words are placed in structured courses with easy access/progression. Quickly find words/lists in the database using the 'search' facility.
  • Phonics courses and other options for teaching with phonics are available in Wordshark to provide support for the development of early reading skills, as well as catering for SEN students of all ages.
  • Over 70 games plus incentivising reward games with multiple options and settings: they are the perfect antidote to reluctant learners or those with a short attention span. Games are grouped into categories, including recommended games, to save teachers' time.
  • User-friendly and down to earth, the basics of Wordshark are quick to grasp for busy teachers. To access all the options that Wordshark has to offer, help is provided in video tutorials, short PDFs, as well as the full PDF manual. Or simply call us with your question.
  • Excellent for SEN: Wordshark is widely acknowledged as being extremely effective for students with Special Educational Needs and disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD, ASD.  NASEN quotes an estimated 30% of pupils with SEN will also benefit from the effects of Pupil Premium funding.
  • 1-to-1, small group work or whole class teaching (on IWB), are all effective ways to use the program.
  • Adaptable: with Version 5, in addition to adding your own words, you can also add your own pictures, recordings, translations and descriptions.


 We believe Wordshark and Numbershark are excellent products that will help our young people make progress with their literacy and numeracy; we are using some Pupil Premium money to fund our investment, which should help ‘narrow the learning gap’ that exists for some students. 

Nick Hart, Assistant Headteacher, Moor House School & College, Oxted