Numbershark builds strong foundations for numeracy and gives children confidence with numbers – so important for their future education and beyond. Schools and parents invest in the program on recommendation from others – the product sells itself!

Homework, that would otherwise be boring or repetitive such as learning times tables can be turned into a fun activity, with short reward games providing extra motivation.

The program’s wide variety of games covers simple counting right through to long division, fractions and decimals.

You can work, for example, on the topics following the National Curriculum-based course, or dip into any of the other courses/topics, as needed.


Follow 3 top tips, and Numbershark will do the rest!

  1. Spend 10-15 minutes a day on Numbershark.
  2. Make sure your child plays a range of different games and not just their favourites. Use the ‘recommended games’ tab to help you choose.
  3. Try to pick a topic that is not too difficult or easy. This will help to maintain interest. Remember that you can also use the ‘search’ facility in Numbershark to find particular topics.