Top Tips for best results

Teaching professionals and parents see with their own eyes that Wordshark brings both progress and confidence, and nearly all Wordshark products are bought on the recommendation of another Wordshark user!

To ensure the most success:

  • Use Wordshark little and often such as 10-15 minutes per day
  • To maintain interest, the words need to be not too easy nor too difficult. You can choose to use the placement TEST facility which leads the student through a series of spelling tests and then places them at a suitable starting point. It can be spread over more than one session, ideally with an adult present.
  • Each game targets a specific way of learning the words. Click on the ‘Recommended’ games tab to ensure this. To get the most benefit, students should play each game up until it finishes.

Setting work and tracking progress

Setting work

Setting work for an individual, group or class is easy. You can then view the student records and track their progress:

  • Set up individual student accounts
  • Set work or set work in ordered steps
  • View records and track progress (students often anecdotally also notice their own progress!)

For general help using the programs:

Go to ‘Need Help‘ in the website, or from within the program, click on the ‘help’ tab (top menu bar):

  • Switch on ‘help’ (explanation alongside each game)
  • Follow links through to video tutorials
  • Print resources including flashcards and a certificate of achievement!

The programme allows children to practise a personalised set of spellings through a variety of games, and records their progress. Children access the programme at least 3 times a week to practise their spellings and once a week complete a spelling test to monitor their progress and set new words to learn.
St Peter’s C/E Primary School website, Harborne

I like Wordshark because I know it works. I have been using it for years and it’s my ‘go to’ with children who need support with reading and spelling. 
Karen Hackman, KS2 Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher, St Andrew’s Preparatory School, Turi