Wordshark is an indispensable literacy tool for home education. It covers all reading and spelling skills children aged 5 to 14 need to learn, and can be adapted to the needs of each individual child. Wordshark is well known for helping children with dyslexia. Read more about using Wordshark for dyslexia and other special needs.

Wordshark features

Spelling lists – access to over 10,000 recorded words and sentences. There are lots of word ‘courses’ to work through or dip into, including a course mapped to the National Curriculum. 

More than 60 games – plus options and settings that make the program highly adaptable.

Add your own words – useful if working on a project eg the Roman Empire. You can add definitions and pictures, or even add words in other languages.

Tracking progress – Wordshark records what your child has done so you can see which words they needed extra help with. You can make your own lists of tricky words for added reinforcement.

Tips for using Wordshark

  • 10-15 minutes per day is ideal.
  • Choose the right level. If you are unsure of where to start, use the ‘Test’ facility.
  • Keep it varied. Use the ‘recommended games’ tab to see the most suitable games for your list and make sure all skills are covered.
  • Earphones can help if there’s ambient noise, especially when working on phonics.
  • Use the search box to find words, letter patterns and spelling rules.

I really enjoy the games, especially the spelling game. I like the fact I can try it by myself first and if I get it wrong, it tells me the correct answer. I love all the mini [reward] games, especially the driving games, and trying to catch the jewellery from the Octopus and mermaids, which you can attempt to do when you spell a word correctly. I’m dyslexic and WordShark has really helped me to improve my spelling.

Coral, 9  – home educated

I’ve learnt lots of new words and continue to build my word bank. Being home educated, I’m able to log on and complete sessions and take as long as I like to learn. This really helps me take in the information, as there is no time pressure. WordShark has helped me to build my confidence in learning to spell, read and process information. I’m dyslexic and recommend this to other children with dyslexia.

River, 11 – home educated


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