Wordshark has a fantastic track record in helping dyslexic children but will provide progress and fun for any child in primary school, whatever their age or ability.

Included in Wordshark:

  • 10,000 words
    The program includes thousands of pre-recorded words and sentences. You can choose from 11 areas, including phonics courses, high frequency words and the National Curriculum. There’s also a ‘search’ box to find particular words. If you’re not sure where to start, there is a ‘TEST’ button which takes a student through spelling tests and places them at the right starting point.
  • National Curriculum
    Children are expected to be able to spell some very difficult words as part of the National Curriculum, Key Stages 1 and 2. Wordshark allows students to work through these words using a variety of games, and includes handy revision lists.
  • Homework spelling lists
    When children come home with spellings to learn each week the words can be entered into the program and learnt using the Wordshark games. Homework doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Repetition without boredom
    The variety of games allows repetitive practice of the same words while keeping learning exciting. Something that we hear repeatedly from teachers and parents is ‘They don’t realise they’re learning!’
  • For dyslexia and other learning needs
    Wordshark is particularly effective for children with dyslexia and other special educational needs. But it can also be used to challenge confident spellers or for learning specialist vocabulary. Read more about using Wordshark for dyslexia and other special needs.

Printable resources

If you want to create your own games materials outside of Wordshark, such as flash cards, just go to ‘help’ in the top menu bar. Some of the games, such as the word search and the crosswords, are also printable.