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I’ve just finished my first day on your online version and I have to tell you, it’s fantastic! My students and I appreciate the improvements but are so relieved that you have kept the core that we loved so much. The assessment addition is ace – it was cumbersome before and a dream now.

Michelle Rock, London

SEND Specialist; SpLD tutor

Thank you very much for this product and for the training. It’s loved by my students and families, and has proved already to be very successful. It’s easy to navigate for me as the teacher.

I made very good use this school year of your new Secondary school subject lists: English: building from a base work, – with a very smart Year 6 child with Dyslexia. He really enjoyed it, it was excellent for his self-esteem to work on something “from Secondary”, and it enriched his writing.

Parents liked the fact that children can spend very useful and also a very limited time on technology, compared to some other programmes.

Galina Ellison, Private tutor

Speaking as teacher and mother, Wordshark is the only spelling program my Year 5 boy with SEN is able to access independently. He willingly completes the tasks. In this own words: “It teaches you spellings in a fun way! I like the game where you play snap with words.”

E Vincent, Teacher in a school for children with SEN

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Click here to read the blog: “My first year using Wordshark Online as a tutor… I have been teaching 1:1 using Zoom, my iPad and Wordshark Online…”

It’s SO well tailored to the students and their needs for reward after slog!
They all love it, but it is very helpful to be able to see their screen and be able to guide, hint, encourage, praise and see their faces for when they have had enough etc.

Thanks for making such a fab student/teacher friendly and fun way of learning.

Sophia Wilkinson, Tutor, using Wordshark Online for remote teaching

Gender neutral and age neutral – it is so appealing.

Jane Higgins, Teacher and tutor, London

As a dyslexia tutor this is the most effective tool I have found which allows a student to make progress whilst working alone, as well as being able to use it as a basis for additional support lessons. The range of options for games keeps students with dyslexia or EAL focussed on a much higher level of overlearning needed  to make good progress, than they would otherwise engage with.

Sharon Tringham PGCE (Canterbury Christ Church); BA Hons (Open); FdA Learner Support (Greenwich);  SpLd Dip (Hornsby); member of PATOSS and National Assoc., of Handwriting

I have used Wordshark for many years, in its various forms, and found it to be a brilliant resource across the age range (7 to 16 year olds in my case). The students love it and the reinforcement of learning is so helpful. It is also one of the easiest resources to select specific criteria as well as enter my own word lists. Altogether a great resource!

Rosemary, Tutor, Cambridge