My first year using Wordshark Online as a tutor

I have been teaching 1:1 using Zoom, my iPad and Wordshark Online.

The students and I screen share so that I can see how they are reacting, when they need a physical one minute jump around or stretch, munch something crunchy or suggest a sip of water.

I teach 4 students, shortly to become 5,  all diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia.  They are aged 7-9.  We work twice a week for 30 mins each time.

My starting point has been either recommendations from the Speld tester or the inbuilt Wordshark beginning test (Shark Challenge). I then follow the Wordshark structure or occasionally make word lists according to school homework demands (which often don’t take into account the children’s learning needs). However, I have found that the Wordshark games and rewards are very cleverly designed to keep up enthusiasm, excitement and above all motivation to learn tough English spelling rules.

I use the Zoom whiteboard as an extra multi-sensory element to our lessons, where I can model how to form letters or how to join using cursive script, then the children share their whiteboard with me and write their words.  We also can message each other if the Apple/Zoom goes glitchy – all great real time reading and writing activities. I can then screen shot to show the parents successful moments and of course any message written or received.  This is important for the safety of the child and of myself.

The way Wordshark is designed, it shows how the children progress through their learning. I keep the children’s schools (and parents) up to date with their Wordshark learning by sending a mini report of work covered and next steps, each month.  They appreciate this.

This is a fabulous program.

Sophia Wilkinson

Private Tutor

Wordshark Online is available as a tutor or school subscription. Parents interested in using the program can therefore access it via a tutor or school.