Newsletter May ’24 Wordshark Online

Manta Ray adoption giveaway!  

Manta Rays are relations of sharks and both need our help! We have invested in adoption packs from the ‘Manta Trust’ charity to give away! 

How to win: Follow us on twitter @WordsharkOnline and tweet us! For example: “Our @WordsharkOnline students would love to adopt a Manta Ray in the Manta Ray Giveaway!”  

  • Adoption pack, worth £25 includes: 
  • Certificate of adoption (you can enter the name of the student/class/school) 
  • Bio and digital poster of your adopted manta ray, with names such as ‘Babaganoush’! 
  • Fact File – learn about the biology and ecology of manta rays  
  • Activity Pack – Including a crossword, spot the difference, ID the manta, and more. 
  • [While stocks last: 18 adoptions available. 1 per Wordshark Online subscriber] 


Educational resources – Manta Rays!

The Manta Trust has some brilliant resources suitable for ages 7 to 14 featuring 17 curriculum-linked lesson plans. Click here to find out more and watch their video. 


UK exams  

SATs and end-of-year tests coming up? Check out the statutory word lists for years 3 /4 and 5/6 in the National Curriculum course for a quick brush up for KS2 students.  Click here to view a summary of the course and Click here for instructions on setting work for the future. 

Secondary School subject lists are useful for revisiting vocabulary. The Sentence game can be printed out as a useful practice and reminder of the meanings and concepts involved. 

Phonics Screening Check? Check out the ‘English National Curriculum: spellings’ units in Wordshark – found at the end of Year 1 lists. Click here to view a summary of the course   

Blog on exams If you haven’t already, do check out if there’s anything in our blog that might help your students. Helping students with revision and exams 


What to look out for… 

Maze Game

Watch out for a new spelling game in the coming months. Who will be the first student in the class to spot it?! 

And did you notice the snappier Maze game already in the program? 


Did you know? 

  1. Sharks and manta rays are related! Sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras are closely related, and belong to a class of cartilaginous fish known as Chondrichthyes (pronounced Cond-rick-thees”) 
  2. Wordshark staff hobbies include; researching ancestry, writing a book, conservation work, jogging, making yoghurt, reading, and swimming! 
  3. Spiderman is dyslexic! Tom Holland who played Spiderman was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and despite facing difficulties in school, it has not held him back! Read more…