Newsletter March ’24 Wordshark Online

Celebrating World Book Day?

How about incorporating a fun Wordshark activity? Check out this example drawn from a Roald Dahl books list. Use the games or perhaps print out a Worksheet.

  1. Ask your students to share a book they are reading or can recommend or choose the book they are reading as a class  
  2. Each student can select a character, or the author or an important WORD from the title or even from the story  
  3. You can then create a list(s) with these words to put into Wordshark 
    • Here’s how!  Go to the Own Lists tab in Wordshark and add your lists – up to 10 words in each. Full instructions here including setting as work.   
    • Or, use list/s on an IWB 
    • Or print out Word Search worksheets: go to Games and Lists > under the ‘Read’ games tab click on Word Search > Play Now > Worksheet to download a pdf 


Updates to Set Work – you asked, we listened! 

Students can now replay Set Work 

After any set work has been completed, students can now revisit these word lists for additional practice. Set Work will be marked ‘Completed’ but students now have the ‘PLAY’ button. You don’t have to change any setting, simply encourage students to click on the PLAY button for further practice. 



3 Tips and ideas! 

  1. Primary schools: Why not use Wordshark on your IWB to introduce a spelling rule? (Use Search to find the relevant list in Wordshark). You might like to create a demo student account for this so that if the computer is left unattended for any reason no sensitive material can be accessed. Grant the demo student Free Play to all the courses. Here’s how! Go to Groups & Users >  Manage Students > student name > Open up the arrow on the right for their settings and switch on Free Play
  2. Secondary schools: If you want to introduce certain units from the Wordshark course or for example the Secondary Subject Vocab lists, you can always set them as work. Alternatively, you could grant Free Play (see above how to do this). You would need to direct your students to the relevant Units and Word lists. There would be no obligatory spelling tests, but you could view all game play under the Student Progress tab.
  3. Global Recycling Day is on 18th March. World Rewilding Day is on 20th March.  How about creating a list in Wordshark relating to one of these?


Did you know?

The word ‘kangaroo’ is in the ‘Wild animals’ list in the Everyday Vocabulary Course. 

Great White Sharks have 300 teeth and have been known to reach 6 meters in length.



The word ‘rid’ has a homemade video of rubbish being dropped in a bin. It was filmed at a place called Hackbridge!