Newsletter December 2023 Wordshark Online

Spotted the new reward game?

‘Skittles’ has  3 levels of difficulty, catering for all users. Just like the game ‘Windy Ball’  it practises a bit of angle judgement along the way!


I just wanted to share with you how excited my classes were last week to discover the new bowling reward game.

They were so eager to complete their Supershark games and were desperate to have the new game as their reward. It was so lovely to see!

Ami, Staines Prep School

Updates requested by our customers!

We don’t make annoying updates, only ones that our customers ask for…

  • Adding several new users or groups can now be done through a new ‘assistant (wizard)’ to guide you through the process, individually or in bulk
  • Improvements to deleting teachers and students (and in bulk if needed). Also the process of deleting groups is made easy.
  • Ability to save set work reports to Excel
  • Who is presently on the system? There is a new button for administrators and teacher users alike, if you want to view a summary of your users.

Tip: Don’t forget that on your dashboard you can always scroll down and see quickly when your students have last logged in.

Quick reminder – for our schools in the southern hemisphere!

Use the Year Rollover Button to update the academic year for all pupils without having to edit them all individually.


Did you know?

  • When there were no pictures or videos to express certain certain words, we made our own! See image taken from a video, for how we tackled ‘understand’


  • There is a ‘Supermarket’ list in the Everyday Vocabulary course to help learn the words: supermarket, trolley, basket, shelf, checkout, till, receipt and assistant