Pricing for UK schools (ex. VAT)

School Network Licence (for Windows Server)

Wordshark Numbershark
Any 10 users at one time £980 £720
Any 15 users at one time £1060 £820
Any 20 users at one time £1180 £920
Any 30 users at one time £1400 £1100
Any 40 users at one time £1540 £1320
  • Set up as many staff and student accounts as you like
  • Pay only for what you need! i.e. the max number of users on the program at any one time
  • Access the programs from any computer linked to the network
  • Program can be deployed across all computers on a single school network

USB: UK delivery only. Dispatched on a weekly basis, allow up to 7 days for delivery

Wordshark £190
Numbershark £150
  • A fully portable licence. Nothing to install, simply ‘plug-in & play’
  • Create as many Student accounts on your USB as you like
  • Suitable if program needs to be used on more than 1 computer

School download

Wordshark £160
Numbershark £125
  • Create as many Student accounts as you like
  • Download on to 1 Computer. Program can be moved to a different computer by deactivating the licence

Order now Not in the UK?

Looking for a free trial of Wordshark 5?…

This is tricky to offer technically-speaking, as Wordshark v5 and Numbershark v5 are not on the web. If looking to invest, for example, in a network and you need to try out the program first, one option is to invest in the smallest/cheapest option first, the ‘school download’ which allows unlimited student users, one at a time.

Please note: the very latest edition of Wordshark is “Wordshark Online”

(Suitable for iPads/tablets, accessible from anywhere, default placement test and automatic progression, plus free trial option.)