Accessing Wordshark and Numbershark (for UK Schools, Tutors, Parents)

We appreciate that resources students can access from home have become particularly relevant. We have been doing our best to answer your questions, find solutions and work out how we can help. We hope that you’ll understand that we have limitations on what we can offer for free.

Schools – UK

Question: How can my students access Wordshark/Numbershark from home? Wordshark Online is a perfect solution: Click here for pricing, webinars and demos. Unfortunately, Numbershark is not online.

  • Once students have their login details, they can access the placement test and automatic progression from anywhere
  • Teachers can choose to monitor student usage from their own homes, with the added option to set specific work

Question: I already have Wordshark/Numbershark – what’s the advice? Unfortunately, version ‘5’ (or earlier) licences cannot be accessed outside of school. However, if you have a Wordshark version 5 network please contact us. Please take a look at Wordshark Online as this can be accessed from anywhere. Click here for pricing, webinars and demos  (Note:Numbershark is not online)


Tutors – UK

Question: How can I use Wordshark/Numbershark with my students if I cannot teach in person? Wordshark Online is perfect for this: Click here to find out more We don’t have the equivalent for Numbershark.

Question: I already have Wordshark/Numbershark. What are my options? How different is Wordshark Online?

    • Although Numbershark is not online, ‘Wordshark Online’ is your best option. Otherwise you might consider asking your parents to invest in the home download of the programs. Home Download offline licences
    • The online product was completely re-written to go on the web but does the same job and it’s just as flexible. You can set work, add your own lists, and more. If you would like to see the courses in Wordshark Online click here. 

Question: Can I use products like Wordshark using something like Zoom? 

Yes you can. Here is some general information about teaching online, from @teachertoolkit

Here are some general tips and tricks about teaching via Zoom


Parents – UK

Question: I am looking for a spelling/maths resource to use at home. I have a computer. Parents can invest in the Home Download offline licencesLicences are automatically emailed within 15 minutes of purchase. They offer an excellent investment, (not just for the months ahead when children are out of school).

Can I have a free trial? We’re unable to offer trials on downloads as the’re not on the web. However, we offer a full refund (within 14 days of purchase) if you choose to uninstall the program/s.

Question: I only have a small device eg iPad/Chromebook. Will these downloads work?  No – therefore you would need to invest in a pc that comes with a Mac OS or Windows 10, or perhaps ask your school or a tutor if they are interested in ‘Wordshark Online’ for schools/tutors.


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