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White Space Ltd Privacy Policy 

Printable version: White Space Ltd Privacy Policy 23-04-18(pdf)

Last updated 23rd April 2018

Terms and Conditions

1. Processing of data is carried out by or on behalf of White Space Ltd (WS) as data controller.

2. If we have your personal details we will never provide them to a third party without your authorisation, unless there is superseding legal obligation or we are compelled to do so by a court with appropriate authority.

All employees and others working within White Space are required to adhere to this policy. WS holds this information securely and we ensure all staff are trained in data protection. This Privacy Policy is reviewed regularly and may change from time to time.

Details of data held by our products are described in the Appendix.

1. How do you find out what data we hold on you? If you wish to see your personal information held by us, you may send us a Subject Access Request. Please send this to

You may request us in writing to delete this data at any time subject to overriding legal requirements.

2. What data we collect and process:

2.1 The personal information you provide when you communicate with WS or purchase one of our products may include some or all your name, contact and credit card details.

2.2 If you make a support enquiry we may occasionally also ask for various diagnostics from your device which may include personal data: if this is the case we will make this clear.

3. How we process data:

3.1 We may use your details to send you information about updates to current products, new products or to ask how you use our products.

3.2 We use your credit card details to process any purchases you have made.

3.3 We keep records of support queries, both to ensure efficient and effective responses to individual enquiries and to enable us to better understand technical and educational issues with our products.

3.4 We carry out internal analysis to determine the success of marketing and commercial initiatives.

4. Third parties

4.1 We never sell or rent data to other companies for marketing purposes.

4.2 We may transfer data to third parties who are carrying out administrative or financial tasks for us. We own the data at all times and require all such third parties to confirm they comply with current data protection legislation.

Version 1.0

23rd April 2018


Our products

Some editions of Numbershark and Wordshark require activation on your devices. Where activation is required this is normally done automatically across the internet. The only information transmitted to our servers during activation are registration keys, the registered owner of the software and a unique installation key derived from unique hardware identifiers. Once activation is completed no further information is sent to our servers.

The Numbershark and Wordshark programs both hold user logon data, a history of program use, and games scores in a “shared folder”. This data may be held on network, local or removable storage. This information is not transmitted to White Space. It is up to you and if applicable your network manager to ensure the security and integrity of this data.