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Numbershark 5 - Customer feedback

First of all, let's hear from the students at Livingstone School talking about Numbershark! (mostly working on multiplication) ...

Our students enjoy Numbershark and use it daily. Students who can't interact in ICT, are completely glued to Numbershark. Brilliant software.

Wendy Foslet, ICT teacher, Brown's School, Chelsfield


I have been using both Wordshark and Numbershark for many years, first as a teacher, then as a SENCO and now as an advisory teacher. If I was a SENCO again, they are the first bit of kit I would buy - excellent value, great menu of courses with vast amount of materials, engaging, versatile, fun, with opportunities built in for lots of repetition and overlearning. Best of all, children love using them and don't realise they are learning! They can be used in a highly personalised way for children with SEN (including dyslexia and dyscalculia) but just as well could be used with whole classes. It takes seconds to set up a programme which provides a year of work. In Wordshark 5 I particularly like the new vocabulary course which is excellent for EAL users, and in Numbershark 5 I like the way you can easily find work by year group. One word of caution: these programmes are only as good as the person who delivers them, and it is worth getting to know them well so that you can facilitate their optimum use - never simply put a child in front of them and leave them to it without careful monitoring. That said, children can learn to use these programmes with a high degree of independence. I certainly wouldn't be without Wordshark and Numbershark in whatever setting I am working!            

Jan Levi, Advisory teacher in SEN, Wortly 


We bought numbershark because my son’s school suggested we practise some maths at home, but getting him to sit down and fill out their dreaded A4 pages of dry sums was worse than pulling teeth. You have to pick your battles with 6 year olds (or at least, we do) – and we hated the maths battle because it would always end in lots of tears, every day. Numbershark has genuinely changed that. I only have to load up numbershark within his earshot, he hears the numbershark sounds, and then he comes to me and asks if he can play! So we do 20 minutes of maths every day with absolutely no tears whatsoever, and the improvement has been staggering, and rapid. I recommend it without hesitation. 

David Owen, Home user, London


Number Shark 4 is an excellent piece of software to help children get to grips with all the basics of arithmetic and numeric theory. The games keep them interested and motivated and the learning curve is well designed taking them through a wide range of skills and levels. 

Practical PC Online


 Numbershark - I defy children not to find Maths fun when using this - it's brilliant. S.Howse

  It gives users the chance to build up confidence, and the opportunity to practise those aspects of numbers that worry them, in an enjoyable way. BDA I.C.T.
 The range and variety of the fifty available games allows the necessary repetition and reinforcement of concepts that some students need. V.Crivelli
As you get older you encounter the word problems in maths and that's when you need Numbershark. 

Tracy Whaley, Home user
 Wordshark and Numbershark are able to be tailored completely to your child's level. They provide very short, focussed tasks in the form of games and give a reward game for each completed task. If used properly, they can be very valuable and can help children's number/word work. However, not used properly, the children gain very little benefit from them.

At school we used to use Numbershark more than Wordshark. I used it with my lower Y3 maths set, and it was very good for practice of the basic stuff - number bonds to 10, 20 or 100, tables, etc. We never really got past these! However, I was very clear with the group which games I wanted them to play as there were some which didn't practise the number work. Very quickly they learned which ones to play though.

So, I would say, used properly, it's worth the money, and to use it properly involves:
- looking at it in advance to decide where the child needs to start.
- talking the child through the games you want them to use and how they work.
- showing them how to work out the answers to the type of questions they will meet.
- watching them as they work to see how they are working out the answers and how quickly they can answer them.
- intervening if necessary to help them become more efficient/accurate.
- moving them onto more difficult work when needed.

Obviously sometimes they can be allowed to 'play', but too often (and I have seen this in my old school) it is used by teachers as an easy lesson, which is why the children do not make progress.

'Galena's' advice on chat forum!
  Numbershark is very good as a practice program to reinforce skills already taught. Pupils certainly retained information gained from the program...Numbershark proved to be highly motivating. Pupils liked playing the games and put a lot of effort into solving the problems to get to the reward activity. M.Barr  Evaluation by TEEM
  I love your products, especially the Numbershark. My son who has Dyslexia loves them because they are so much fun, and [offer] such a wide range of choices of games! E.Young
 I have used both programs with a range of pupils (age 4-16) since the first ones came out. I am constantly delighted with the enthusiasm with which everyone approaches their time on "the games." Please never stop producing these programs!! 
 I continue to be most impressed with the program and have recommended it to a number of friends. I also use it at work with Reception children and am encouraged by their interest and motivation to use the wide range of games. Little do they know how much they are learning! J.Byford
  It presents number problems in many many different ways to suit different learning styles and it is all fun as long as you pick a suitable level.  Shikasta, Mumsnet

There are many useful features for teachers, making it simple to use. It covers all number aspects of the Numeracy Framework and should be seen as a reinforcement for pupils struggling to grasp key mathematical skills and concepts. 

Evaluation by Schoolzone

I am a dyslexia consultant working with pupils usually in my own home. I also have had a couple of dyscalculic pupils as well. They love Number Shark, now V5; they can play at their level and speed. They love being able to progress especially getting faster in their responses. Number Shark is loved by all my pupils and I find it significantly improves their numeracy and confidence in using numbers. I also have used Wordshark V4 for many years, and continue to do so. I used it as Head of Dept in a Private School and continue to use at as a Home Tutor. Again a programme loved by all my pupils and I find it very effective in improving my pupils literacy and self esteem.

Mrs Ann Clark, Dyslexia Consultant; Home tutor, Hemel Hempstead

We use numbershark to allow children to practise basic skills. It's used alongside teaching and book work. Mon - Tues we teach, then there's two days practice in class with NS, followed by assessment on the Friday using our current assessment papers (low to high, each year group) 

Using a 40 user network 
Jacqui Foster, Inclusion leader, St Augustines catholic primary, Hoddesdon 


I am a teacher in a mainstream primary school. I use word shark and number shark with the children in my class who have literacy difficulties and/or number difficulties. I have found that even children currently on p scales (I teach year 2) can access the program and make progress. I find that because of the simple interface these children learn to work independently on the computer and this enables them to progress without extra teaching assistant support which is often difficult to secure. The program moves them on in the their learning because it gives them exercises at their level. The letter tracking and number recognition are games are particularly good. I can set my children work at home which them pops up on the screen so I can monitor what they are doing. I think it is the best program I have found and I am familiar with program's like nessy phonics and mathletics and reading eggs which are good but the children who struggle the most cannot use them independently because they are too complicated and due to this require adult supervision. The progression is fantastic. so the program starts at a very basic level suitable for children working towards L1 and it continues to secondary level. They use NC and letters and sounds units makes it fit perfectly into the class work that I am teaching. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Gemma mcdowell, Teacher, Stroud

I work as an intervention teacher with students who struggle with number concepts. I have used Numbershark to help them achieve a better understanding of relative number size and place value. Through Numbershark, they can get the over learning they need to be able to deepen their understanding. The variety of games are excellent and maintain their motivation to basically do the same thing more often than they would be able to in a conventional Maths lesson. I use Wordshark for struggling secondary aged readers and spellers and it has the same benefits.

Mary Grashoff, teacher, Brackley

Numbershark is a great child friendly software that is also accessable by adults. It's layout is easy to use, to manage and track progress. It has really helped my child to catch up with and keep on top of his math skills; to fill in the gaps in his knowledge and to give him confidence with numbers. He is learning whilst he is having fun. Thank you numbershark. 

Summera Zafar, Home User, London Colney


My eldest child is severely dyslexic but has enjoyed the fun element of Numbershark to improve his skills. He can work at his pace and his confidence is improving in all areas. The younger child is already a very gifted mathematician but still enjoys the puzzles.

Cheryl Baxter, Home User, Alvaston

My child has ADHD and suspected ASD and Dyslexia. I use numbershark with him and it is great to see how motivating it is for him. He enjoys using the program and does very well. When he sees his success on the computer he is motivated to try other learning tasks because he has a better self image as a learner.

Mrs Austerlitz, Home User, Salford

Numbershark is easy to use. We also find that it's easy to get our child to use it because it feels less like schoolwork, it's fun and you get instant feedback on progress.

Chris Compton-Leese, Home User, Malvern

I think both Numbershark and Wordshark are essential tools for helping children who are struggling. They are also great fun for those who do not have any problems. The programmes are reliable and fun and do not tend to freeze at vital times like other programmes. I would not be without them.

 Helen Jane Cooper, Home User, Edenbridge

Managing student records is useful. I also find it easy to tailor work programs for individual students and select appropriate games to embed their learning.

Katie Cooper, Home User, Surbiton


We use wordshark and numbershark daily for 30 minutes as an intervention.  This is led and managed by one of our TA and she keeps a record of their progress. Pupils are identified at the start of the year and reviewed at the end of each term.

Joanne O'Keefe, SENso / Assistant Head Teacher

St. Clare's RC Primary School, High Primary School, Higher Blackley, Manchester

Wordshark and Numbershark are brilliant for reinforcing maths, spelling reading and vocabulary skills. The games are fun and colourful too. Children can't wait to use them. They are easy to use and I like the reward games too.

Anne Jones, Home User, Farnborough